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If your order includes a request for a PDF soft proof, we'll send it within 1 business day after receipt of art. For production to begin on the same day, approval of the proof must be received by 11am ET. For approvals received after 11am ET, production begins on the next business day. 

Rack Cards

Rack Up Attention: Stand Out with Custom Rack Cards
Elevate your marketing game with our Custom Rackcards. Our business printing services empower you to create captivating designs that stand out in any display. Choose from a range of sizes, paper options, and finishes to craft rackcards that effectively convey your message. Perfect for tourism, promotions, and informational purposes, these custom rackcards leave an impression that lingers. With online rackcard printing, your reach expands to new horizons. Maximize your brand exposure with Custom Rackcards that command attention and drive interest, making every placement a potential conversion.
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Unit price w.o. TAX: $0.31

• 7 size options
• 6 paper stock options 
• Multiple thickness options
• UV Coating available (you cannot easily write on UV Coating)
• 2-sided printing available
• Vivid, full-color printing by HP Indigo Presses
• Our 7 Color HP Indigo Presses offer the highest print quality possible, on every job we run. 

Paper Thickness Guide
Paper Finish Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are rack cards, and how can they be utilized in marketing efforts?

Rack cards are eye-catching, printed promotional materials designed to fit in standard racks or displays. They are a versatile tool for advertising businesses, services, and events to a broad audience.

What are the standard sizes for rack cards, and can I request custom sizes to fit my design?

Standard rack card sizes include 4" x 9" and 3.5" x 8.5". If you have specific design preferences or require a unique size to match your branding, we can discuss custom size options.

Are rack cards suitable for promoting events and attractions, or are they primarily for businesses?

Rack cards are highly versatile and can be used to promote businesses, events, attractions, and tourist destinations. They are effective in capturing the attention of passersby and tourists.

Can I print full-color rack cards, and what design options are available to make them visually appealing?

Yes, you can print rack cards in full color to create visually engaging marketing materials. We offer various paper types, finishes, and coatings to enhance the overall look and feel of your rack cards.

Do I need to provide my own rack card design, or can you assist with the design process?

We offer professional design services to help you create captivating rack card designs. Our design team can work with your content and branding to produce eye-catching materials.

What is the typical production time for rack card printing at RushPrintNYC?

Our quickest production time for rack cards is a speedy 2 business days, ensuring you receive your materials promptly.

Are there any specific file formats you recommend when submitting my rack card design to RushPrintNYC?

We recommend submitting your rack card design in PDF format for optimal printing results. However, we accept various file formats and can assist with file preparation as needed.

Can I order rack cards in small or large quantities, depending on my promotional needs?

Absolutely! You can order rack cards in quantities that suit your marketing requirements, whether it's a small batch for a local event or a larger order for widespread distribution.

Are there any special considerations for displaying rack cards in racks or stands?

Rack cards are designed to fit standard racks or displays, making them easy to distribute and display. However, if you have specific display requirements, we can discuss customization options.

What is the cost associated with printing rack cards at RushPrintNYC, and how can I request a personalized quote?

Rack card printing costs depend on factors such as size, quantity, paper type, and finishing options. Visit to receive a customized quote tailored to your project's details.