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Mark Your Moments: Elevate Your Reading Experience with Custom Bookmarks
Discover the perfect companion for your reading journey with our Custom Bookmarks. Tailored to your taste, our bookmarks combine functionality with personal flair. Choose from various designs, sizes, and finishes to match your preferences. Whether you're deep into a novel or studying important texts, our bookmarks keep your place in style. Elevate your reading experience with custom bookmarks that add a touch of elegance to every page.
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• 4 popular size options
• 6 paper stock options
• Multiple thickness paper options
• UV Coating available (you cannot easily write on UV Coating)
• Numbering available 
• Vivid, full-color printing by HP Indigo Presses
• Our 7 Color HP Indigo Presses offer the highest print quality possible, on every job we run. 

Paper Thickness Guide
Paper Finish Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What are bookmarks, and how can they serve as more than just placeholders for books?

Bookmarks are versatile printed materials designed to mark pages in books, but they can also serve as engaging promotional tools, event favors, or informational giveaways.

What are the standard sizes for bookmarks, and can I request custom sizes to match my branding or design preferences?

Standard bookmark sizes include 2" x 6" and 2" x 8". Custom size options are available to ensure your bookmarks fit your unique vision.

Can I print full-color bookmarks, and what design options are available to make them visually appealing?

Yes, you can print bookmarks in full color to create eye-catching materials. We offer various paper types, finishes, and coatings to enhance their overall look and feel.

Do I need to provide my own bookmark design, or can you assist with the design process?

We offer professional design services to help you create captivating bookmark designs that effectively showcase your brand or message.

What is the typical production time for bookmark printing at RushPrintNYC?

Our production time for bookmarks is designed to be efficient, with a 2-business day turnaround for most orders.

What file formats should I use when submitting my bookmark design to RushPrintNYC?

For the best printing results, please submit your bookmark design in PDF format. For more detailed file format guidelines, please visit our website.

Can I order bookmarks in varying quantities to match my specific needs, whether it's a small run or a larger distribution?

Absolutely! We can accommodate orders in quantities that align with your project requirements, whether it's a small batch or a larger print run.

What is the cost associated with printing bookmarks at RushPrintNYC, and where can I find detailed pricing information?

For accurate pricing information, please refer to our website, where you can find cost details for various bookmark sizes, quantities, and options.

Are there any additional customization options available for bookmarks, such as unique shapes or special finishing touches?

Yes, we offer various customization options, including custom shapes, die-cut designs, and additional finishes, to make your bookmarks stand out.

Can RushPrintNYC provide guidance on creative ways to use bookmarks in marketing or promotional campaigns?

Certainly! We can offer creative suggestions and ideas on how to leverage bookmarks effectively in your marketing or promotional strategies to engage your audience and leave a lasting impression.